Online Photo Submission

As an incoming freshman, please upload your photo as soon as you register for an orientation session. This must be completed three days prior to your session date. 

Please submit your photoBe sure to upload photo in JPEG format with a SOLID NEUTRAL BACKGROUND, facing the camera straight on. See the detailed instructions for step-by-step directions.

Make sure your photo has the following:
  • Neutral background
  • Face the camera straight on
  • Eyes open and visible
  • Glasses on if normally worn
  • Good lighting
  • Taken indoors
  • Color photo
  • Photo from the shoulders up, with space above the head
  • Passport-appropriate photos; Smiling allowed

Make sure your photo DOES NOT have the following:
  • Other people or objects in photo
  • Hat or sunglasses
  • Clothing that obscures your face
  • Glare on glasses
  • Exaggerated expression
  • Poor quality image