Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my student ID number?

Your Student ID (EmplID) number can be found in the MyNAU Student Center. Directions can be found at

I found a JacksCard, what do I do with it?

  • JacksCards that have been found can be returned to the JacksCard Office. The JacksCard Office emails all cardholders if their card has been turned in.

I lost my JacksCard. What do I do?

  • First, deactivate your JacksCard
  • During office hours: call or come into the JacksCard office. 
  • After office hours and weekends: contact NAU Police Department and report your card as lost or stolen at 928-523-3611. 
  • If the card is found, patrons MUST come in the JacksCard office to reactivate the card.
  • Replacements are $25.
  • If an old card is found after getting a replacement,
    • No refunds
    • Can be used as a back-up if the new card is lost

How do you apply for an Extended Campus card?

  • Please fill out the application. Email the information along with a government-issued photo ID and a photo in JPEG format that meets the minimum qualifications listed. Please follow the photo guidelines listed below in order to avoid delay in processing. JacksCards for Extended Campuses are $25.

Make sure your photo has the following:

  • Neutral background
  • Face the camera straight on
  • Eyes open and visible
  • Glasses on if normally worn
  • Good lighting
  • Taken indoors
  • Color photo
  • Photo from the shoulders up, with space above the head
  • Passport-appropriate photos; Smiling allowed
Make sure your photo DOES NOT have the following:
  • Other people or objects in photo
  • Hat or sunglasses
  • Clothing that obscures your face
  • Glare on glasses
  • Exaggerated expression
  • Poor quality image

Do you have to get a new JacksCard each year? Does the JacksCard expire?

No, the JacksCard never expires and the same card can be used every year.

My card stopped working.

Please come into the office so we can determine why your JacksCard is not functioning properly.

My JacksCard is not letting me into my residence hall. Why?

If the card reader beeps three times when your JacksCard is swiped, please call Residence Life at (928)523-3978.

If the card reader does not beep when swiped, come into the JacksCard Office to determine why your card isn’t working properly.

How much is a replacement card?

All replacement cards are $25.00.

How do I freeze my card?

You may call, email, or come into the office to freeze your card. Please do so immediately to avoid fraudulent use of your JacksCard.

Can I reactivate an old card?

Yes. Come into the JacksCard Office and we can reactivate a previously-issued card if you are still affiliated with the university.

I am an affiliate and need a JacksCard. What do I do?

The prospective affiliate will need to first establish a university affiliation before obtaining a JacksCard. This must be completed by the affiliate’s sponsor through the Affiliate Management Office. Directions for this request are available online. (link to

Can I get an Alumni card? How?

Alumni cards can be issued to those who have graduated from Northern Arizona University. The patron must have an Alumni affiliation with the university, which can be completed at the Office of Alumni Relations (located in Old Main). Once the request is approved, you may receive a JacksCard for $25.

How many meals do I have left this week?

This information can be found on your JacksCard online account, which can be accessed through the deposit link.  If access to a computer is limited, we may verify the balance in person with a photo ID or JacksCard. The Meal Planning Office can further assist questions concerning Meal Plans.

When does JDE expire?

JDE does not expire, and therefore rolls over to the next semester or academic year. Inactive students may lose funds if not enrolled in classes for three consecutive semesters.

I am graduating or withdrawing from the university and have JDE left on my account. Can I receive a refund?

Yes, you may receive a refund if the JDE balance is greater than $25.00. If the amount is less than $25.00, we ask that you please spend it or the balance will be surrendered. Refund requests are available in office and must be submitted in person, unless an extenuating circumstance. 

How can I make a JDE deposit?

  • By phone (928-523-1905)
  • In person at the JacksCard Office
  • PHIL stations, which are located in the University Union, HLC, and DuBois (cash only)
  • Online at
  • Also where you can manage JDE, Dining, and Meal Plan accounts

I did a JDE or Dining Dollar deposit online and it took my money but did not go onto my JacksCard.

If the transaction does not show on the JacksCard account (JDE or Dining), the deposit may have been voided. Please come into the office or give us a call to verify possible errors.

When do Dining Dollars expire?

Dining Dollars expire annually following the spring semester in May. For the exact date, please see Campus Dining. (link to campus dining)

How can I get a JDE refund?

JDE refund requests are only granted if the student is graduating or withdrawing from the university and the account balance is greater than $25. Other requests are typically not honored, but may be handled on a case-by-case basis.