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We always look forward to working with students from across the university. To keep our sessions on schedule, please check-in 5-minutes early. If you are more than 3 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, we will cancel your appointment and make that session available to walk-in students.**

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If you can't make your appointment, please cancel it, so this doesn't happen: /assets/0/122/158/6442456554/6442456559/6442459412/6442462067/a27528b3-fa71-49ff-a387-bfdda28dfadf.png  

The University Writing Commons works with you at any stage of the writing process. We are located in 3 different sites for easy access to writing support — Health & Learning Center, University Union, and Cline Library. 

Additionally, the University Writing Commons offers Online Writing appointments for NAU State-wide students. 

Statewide students: For your first session, please sign up for two 30-minute sessions back to back. One hour will ensure that you have enough time to learn our system and get feedback specifically on your writing. 

For all future sessions, please continue scheduling two 30-minute sessions when possible. Your Writing Assistant will help you decide if you only need one 30-minute session.

Go here for suggestions on how your 30-minute session can be most productive.

To receive feedback on your writing, you can: 

Make a One-Time Appointment     Walk-InMake a One-Hour Appointment
Needs-based appointments are 30-minute sessions with a Writing Assistant. Book a one-time session online or go in person to one of our locations and a student assistant will help you make an appointment. Walk-ins are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check-in with our student assistant.

Please follow this link and fill out the form.* 


* If you are working on a writing project that you believe may require an hour-long appointment or a series of appointments with a Writing Assistant, please follow this link and fill out the form. The Writing Commons Coordinator will be in touch with you within three business days. Please note that this form works best with Chrome or Firefox.**
** Given high level of interest in this service, the average wait for a 1-hour appointment is two weeks.


Our Locations & Times for F19

Day     Location     Times
Monday-Thursday      Health & Learning Center (Green Scene Café, 3rd Floor)     9am-Noon      
 University Fieldhouse (Office of Inclusion: Multicultural & LGBTQIA Student Services IMQ)Noon-3pm
 Cline Library (2nd Floor, Room 240)9am-5pm
FridayCline Library (2nd Floor, Room 240)9am-1pm
*Check back for more information.

Faculty Notes

We look forward to working with your students in the UWC. Successful sessions depend on student willingness to take an active role in shaping their documents through revision and editing feedback. Students who are required to attend our sessions or come for extra credit are often disinterested and do not benefit from the UWC. Therefore, we do not sign attendance verifications.

If you wish to provide extra credit as an incentive, then we recommend that you include a brief assignment to encourage explicit understanding of the session. Here is a faculty example:

University Writing Commons, Extra Credit

I highly recommend working with a Writing Assistant at the University Writing Commons ( If you attend a session, then include the following write-up on a separate page with your assignment. Length: 2-3 paragraphs. Subtitle "UWC, Extra Credit". Tell me,

  • Day, time, location, and name of the Writing Assistant

  • What did you discuss during the session?

  • What feedback and suggestions were made about your writing?

  • What did you work on after the session?  

  • What information/details do you need from me for the next UWC session?

This brief write-up requires your student to pay attention, to engage, and to plan ahead. You don't need us to sign anything because the proof will be in the write-up.


We also provide feedback on writing assignments, writing expectations in course descriptions, and in-class writing activities from a student perspective. Contact us and make an appointment for a session in the Commons!


Subject: Faculty Feedback

If you'd like your students to learn more about the UWC in your class, please see our Collaborate with Us page for more information.