Chromecasts on ResNet



The NAU Student Technology Center does not recommend using Chromecast devices on ResNet due to built-in functionality that allows anyone in your residence hall to control your device.­

Why are Chromecasts not recommended?

On Android devices connected to the same wireless network as a Chromecast, remote control notifications will appear when actively casting, regardless of the Google Account that either device is attached to. This allows anyone to play, pause, or stop casting on your Chromecast. There is currently no way to turn these notifications off on your Chromecast device. 

A sample of these notifications is below:­

NAU currently separates our network by residence hall, meaning anyone in your hall will see these notifications and will be able to change what is casting to your Chromecast.

Can I use my own router or hotspot to cast privately?

No. Personal routers, hotspots, or access points are not permitted on ResNet.

What media devices work better on ResNet?

Apple TVs, Rokus, or Amazon Fire products generally work bette­r and provide additional security on the shared network like ResNet. These devices should be connected to "ResNet-Alt". If you're having problems getting a device connected, contact the Student Technology Center.

How do I turn off remote control notifications?

You can turn off remote control notifications on your Android device by following these steps:
  1. On the notification, tap Settings . 
  2. Next to the 'Show remote control notifications', slide the slider to the left.
Note: This only turns off notifications for your Android device. There is currently no way to turn off notifications at the Chromecast level.