Networking & Connecting Your Computer

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Network Self-Registration Page

Register your computer on the NAU network.

Related Services

Available to studentsAvailable to facultyAvailable to staff

Active Directory provides security across the domain for all faculty, staff, and students.
Available to studentsAvailable to facultyAvailable to staff

How to connect your computer to the NAU domain.
Not available to students Available to facultyAvailable to staff

ITS offers centralized home drives to individuals with NAU domain accounts including all facutly, staff and student employees with SW accounts.  

Training & Documentation

When outside (non-NAU) conferences or events come to NAU, the conference personnel will contact NAU about their needs. When the conference attendees need to have network connectivity they will let their NAU contact person know (usually someone in the sponsoring department, at duBois, or the Union). This contac

LDAP schema documentation tools for available LDAP attributes and object classes along with their descriptions.