Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

LOUIE ("Lumberjack Online University Information Environment") provides self-service access to academic, financial, employment, and personal information. It is also sometimes referred to as "PeopleSoft."

If you are a student, LOUIE is where you register for courses, check your grades, schedules, financial accounts, and other information about your academic life at NAU.

As faculty or staff, you can access benefit information, learning and development, payroll, and more.

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Training & Documentation

Learn how to add an authorized user to the TouchNet system so they can make payments on your behalf.

Once the task of creating a Journal is complete, the Journal is routed to the appropriate personnel for approval. If you have been assigned this task, view this "How-To" guide on getting IDT and IST journals approved in PS Financials.

All Purchasing Card transactions require supporting documentation to substantiate the expense.  With the implementation of the new reconciliation process in PS Financials, it is now required that documentation supporting the expense be uploaded for each transaction.

This document will provide information on how to upload and view supporting documentation for PeopleSoft Financials Requisition transactions. It will also indicate how to view documentation that Contracting and Purchasing Services has uploaded for Purchase Orders.

A short explanation about Authorized Users, Parental Tax Access, and their differences.

These "How-To" guides provide basic navigation tips such as moving around on the various menus, Icon definitions, Creating Favorites & Templates, Saving Searches, and much more. These tips work in any of the PeopleSoft functional areas such as Purchasing, General Accounting, etc. 

Creating a requisition is done by Department Requestors to order goods and services.  A Requisition goes through approval processes based on amount and items ordered.  After the requisition is approved it is sourced into a Purchase Order then sent to the appropriate vendor. With few exceptions, purchases may not be done without first creating a Requisition. View this "How-To" guide on Creating a Requisition in PeopleSoft. 

Business Process: Creating a Travel Authorization.  Creating a travel authorization completed by the traveler’s assigned proxy. A travel authorization goes through approval processes based on the travelers HR Supervisor and department manager. A travel authorization is optional and it is only required when a traveler requires a straight Cash Advance or a pre-travel cash advance  (see Travel Processing Tips for more information).    

View this "How-To" guide on Creating IDT Journals and all of the parts that make the journal in PeopleSoft.

A quick overview of the departmental journal in PS Financials.

Learn how to use the Electronic Request of Absence (eROA). In this video we'll show you how to request a vacation, how to input sick time, how to edit ROA forms, and how to view submitted ROA forms.

This section provides "How-To" guides than enable you to search for and view summary and detail information such as Departmental Journal Overviews, IDT and IST Journal Transactions, Journal and Ledger Inquiries. Also provided are guides for Journal Creation and the Approval Processes. 

A how-to guide on initiating change requests in PeopleSoft (LOUIE).

Learn more about the services offered through Student and Departmental Accounts and what FERPA is and how this affects you.

Make a payment to your student account using a Credit Card.

Learn how to make a payment to your student account using an eCheck through the TouchNet system.

PeopleSoft is NAU’s system of record for financial transactions created directly in the system and those interfaced from subsidiary systems. PeopleSoft modules encompass chart of accounts, general accounting, purchasing, accounts payable, travel, budgeting and cost accounting. Transactions entered through these modules are posted to the system’s accounting journals and ledgers; which, in turn, serve as the basis for the University’s annual financial statements and other reporting requirements. This section of the "Training Documents" page provides "How-To" guides for users who perform these business transactions. Look to our "Training Class Schedule" for in-person training classes which compliment these "How-To" training guides. If you would like to request an "in-person" training class which does not appear on the calendar, please email Ask-FAS@nau.edu.

Introduction and overview of NAU data access policy and LOUIE security

View this "How-To" guide explaining how to navigate through the "Favorites" tab to create and edit favorites. Favorites are shortcuts or "bookmarks" to pages and searches you frequently use in PS Financials.

View this "How-To" guide on the basic principles of the Drop Down menus throughout PS Financials. Drop Down menus help you to select and view different options available for the function you are processing.

Once you become expert in doing Searches in PS Financials, you will better understand the significance of the fields you complete in each of the modules pagelets. View this "How-To" guide to assist you in your search for data, finding your documents, and much more. This navigation is generic and may be used in any of business processes modules.

PCard transactions made using an NAU PCard are loaded into Peoplesoft Financials for reconciliation.  The Reconciliation Process section of this training manual outlines the requirements of the Reconciler and the Approver.  Links to detailed processes of each requirement are provided throughout the Reconciliation Process section.

View PowerPoint presentations on different subjects within PS Financials.   The following “Power Point Presentations” were created for easy referencing to share with everyone.

When goods or services need to be purchased and a Requisition (REQ) has been created and approved, PeopleSoft will automatically convert (source) the REQ into a Purchase Order (PO). Once the PO is sourced, it is sent (dispatched) to the Vendor. It is at this time, the Department may begin ordering the goods and services. Depending on the dollar amount and other restrictions, a PO may be created by the department (DPT) or by NAU's central procurement/purchasing unit (PUR). View these "How-To" guides on PO Processes in PeopleSoft. 

This video goes over some important billing and payment policies that you will need to be aware of.

When goods or services are needed, the first thing that needs to be done (if not using a Purchasing Card) is to Create a Requisition. Once the Requisition is submitted and approved, it will then be converted (sourced) into a Purchase Order from which vendors may be authorized to provide goods and services. View these "How-To" guide Creating Requisitions.

View quick how-to tutorials on topics regarding your student account. Learn how FERPA affects you, some importnat billing and payment policies, how to add an authorized user to make payments on your behalf, how to make payments to your student account using and eCheck, and how to make payments to your studnet account using a credit card.

In this video you'll learn how to use the Electronic Request of Absence (eROA) form as a supervisor. We'll show you how to add or update a request of absence, review a request of absence, and how to delegate approval authority when you are out of the office.

This Site is dedicated to all Users who desire more guides, manuals, and tools to assist them in processing data within PeopleSoft Financials. It provides a "one-stop-shop" of helpful information. Your comments and recommendations are always welcome. Just call: 523-1139.

This section provides "How-To" guides for both Travel and Expense reporting. Creating Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances, Travel and Non-Travel expense processing as well as the Approval Processes are but a few from which you may choose. For more detail information on travel compliance, see Travel Processing Tips.