Oracle Client Installation

Installation of Oracle Client for Windows 32-bit

ITS recommends installing Oracle Client version 11g 32-bit. The installation files for the Oracle Client software for Windows 32 bit can be found on shared drive: \\naushares\oracle\Client11.2\32bit\client\ 

NOTE: In this document, all references to disk directories assume the following:

  • You have read-write access to Drive C: at installation time
  • Drive C: is available at the time you want to USE or RUN the installed Oracle software

The existence of Drive C: is not a requirement nor is Drive C: necessarily the boot drive. It is not required for you to install the Oracle software on Drive C:, nor is it required the installation be on the boot drive. If the drive chosen for installation is not Drive C:, then substitute the drive letter for C: in the instructions below.

The default subdirectories should be used as shown below for the "Home Path". If another path name is used, substitute the new name for "Home Path" in the instructions below.

If you require additional assistance, please please submit a ServiceNow ticket.


Launch Installer

  • From a Windows Explorer window, navigate to \\naushares\oracle\Client11.2\32bit\client.
  • To start the installation: double click setup.exe 
  • Oracle Universal Installer is launched

NOTE: Please be patient; it may take as long as 5 or 6 minutes for this to launch and for the GUI to appear depending on your network connection.


Deinstall Old Versions (Optional)

Deinstall Products (Optional)

If an older version of the Oracle client is currently installed perform the following tasks before installing the new software.  In the installer GUI :

  • Select Deinstall Products
  • Select Oracle920 or other old version
  • Click remove, confirm with "yes"
    After deinstalling, using Windows explorer
  • Remove directories and files below C:\oracle
  • If you are unable to remove directories, reboot and retry.
  • If reboot was necessary, launch the installer using instructions above. Then proceed with the install below.



    After launching the installer click the Next button
  • IMPORTANT: Select Installation Type: Adminstrator, then click the Next button
  • NOTE: The default Installation Type is Instant Client, but this document DOES NOT cover Instant Client installations
    Select Product Languages
  • Selected Languages will default to English.
  • Click Next
    Specify Installation Location
  • Oracle Base: C:\app\[NAUid]\
  • Software Location: C:\app\[NAUid]\product\11.2.0\client_1
  • Click Next
    Perform Prerequisite Checks * This should pass
  • View the summary
  • Click Finish
    Install Product
  • Installation begins. Watch progress.
  • When the installation is finished click Finish.


Get sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora

    To enable connectivity to ITS supported databases you will need to install the following files in the location of the Oracle software.
  • From a Windows Explorer window, navigate to \\naushares\oracle\NAU.
  • Copy the files sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora and paste into your hard drive where you installed your software.
  • If you chose the path for the software during installation of C:\app\[NAUid]\product\11.2.0\client_1, then copy these files into C:\app\[NAUid]\product\11.2.0\client_1\NETWORK\ADMIN
    else copy these files to into the NETWORK\ADMIN of your Oracle Home.

Final steps

    Test connectivity to your database
  • using SQLPlus or
  • Test connectivity to your database using Toad, Oracle SQL Developer or other third party software.


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