Two-factor Identification

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Staying one step ahead of cyber criminals sometimes seems like a losing battle these days. NAU ITS is responding with a new tactic: two-factor authentication.

The username and password pair that you use to access resources here at NAU is no longer sufficient protection against advanced phishing attacks. Fortunately, new technology is available to make your online experience safer. 

Two-factor authentication relies on both your username/password AND a "second factor." The second factor could be something only you have in your possession like a cell phone, or something unique about you physically, like a fingerprint, or something that only you know, like a pattern. Our solution will require something you have in your possession, most likely your cell phone. 

A pilot study of this new solution will be in place by the end of February with the hope of rolling out to more campus users by the fall semester.

Spring 2014
2/13/2014 3:04:34 PM