Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP

Windows XP Obituary 350px

Microsoft support for the Windows XP operating system will end on April 8th, 2014. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide operating system security patches or updates after this April. Information Technology Services strongly encourages anyone with a Windows XP system, whether at home or work, to update that computer to Windows 7 or replace it with a new system before April 8th. After April, Windows XP systems will no longer be considered securable for safe computing on the NAU campus network.

ITS has been notifying clients through their IT Pros and through on-screen pop-up messages about the upcoming support deadline and we will begin removing remaining Windows XP faculty and ftaff systems from the NAU network this spring. SafeConnect  will begin refusing network connections to Windows XP computers on ResNet by the Fall Semester.

For assistance in upgrading your NAU-owned Windows XP computer please contact the ITS Solution center at (928) 523-1511.

Spring 2014
2/13/2014 3:07:17 PM