PeopleSoft Application Database Split Project: Same Exterior, New Interior

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NAU uses PeopleSoft software applications for our Human Resources and Student Information System (LOUIE) functionality. These two separate applications used a common back-end infrastructure since LOUIE was implemented in 2003. PeopleSoft no longer supports this single-database architecture, and we have started a project to separate the two applications to run on distinct database and systems architectures.

We have hired expert outside consulting services to help us with this project. The consultants from Cedar Crestone have completed over sixteen similar projects with other universities and bring needed experience and software utilities to aid NAU in our effort. Additionally, representatives from the campus administrative offices will be working side-by-side with ITS staff in our analysis and testing to ensure that the appropriate integration points continue to work seamlessly behind the scenes so the end user should have the same “single-application” experience as existed prior to the project.

The project implementation is scheduled for June 2013.

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Spring 2013
1/30/2013 3:13:51 PM