Printing at NAU


Printing on the NAU Main and Extended campus sites is easy and quite cost-effective. The Student Computing and Networking Team purchased and implemented the PaperCut product in Spring 2011 to replace a printing system that was not meeting the expanding needs of campus. PaperCut was selected for its ease of use, expandability, and reliability. Each new version of PaperCut brings new ways to meet the ever-changing technological landscape.  Major features of PaperCut include:

  • Central Billing
  • Administrative Web Interface
  • User Web Interface
  • Departmental Prepays
  • Release Stations
  • Mac Printing
  • iPad Printing

Users can print from their personal laptops, iPads, print kiosks, and from campus and departmental labs. Departments can set up prepay printing amounts. Users are billed monthly directly into their LOUIE accounts.

Using PaperCut in departmental and ITS labs helps support NAU’s sustainability goals and mission. Departments can levy charges and create revenue as well as control and monitor printing. PaperCut allows for establishing print quotas for individuals as well as departments. Print release stations are relatively inexpensive to implement and individuals can be assigned various levels of administration to monitor and adjust queues as well as to process refunds. For example, ITS labs and some departments have implemented release stations to eliminate waste and to provide a secure environment for users to get their print jobs. Print jobs are held in the queue for a maximum of two hours and a user logs into a release station that can be used at a number of different locations on campus to retrieve just their print jobs.  They can optionally release or decide to delete them.  Coming in spring 2013, users will be able to release their print jobs from their smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The annual number of pages handled by this system exceeds two million and is capable of handling substantial growth.  If your department is interested in implementing printing options, please contact or

Spring 2013
1/29/2013 3:12:27 PM