Microsoft Home Use Rights Change

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Microsoft has informed ITS that NAU’s faculty and staff home use entitlement to the Microsoft Windows operating system under the Enrollment for Education Solutions (formerly the Campus Agreement) has expired and is not renewable.  The ITS Software store will continue to sell our remaining copies of Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade until the current stock is exhausted. We will not able to obtain more copies for home-use sale and there will be no faculty and staff home-use entitlement for Windows 8. You can purchase your personal copies direct from Microsoft for $14.99 before Jan 31st  2013 for a PC purchased since last June. If you don’t have a new PC, the cost is $39.99 at Microsoft's upgrade offer site.

Additionally, under the current agreement, the faculty and staff home use entitlement for the Microsoft Office Suite (Windows or Macintosh) has been reduced to one copy per employee per year. We will continue to sell faculty and staff home use copies of Office 2010 and 2011 through the ITS software store until our stock is exhausted, and then we will transition to having Microsoft do fulfillment directly through their own web portal. Directions for the use of the Microsoft Home Use Portal will be available on the ITS web site in January.

This year, for the first time, ITS has purchased the EES student option, granting each full time student the right to purchase one home-use copy of Microsoft Office (Windows or Macintosh) or Windows OS upgrade for their personally owned computers at significant discount through the NAU Bookstore. 

These changes only affect the home use entitlement for personally owned systems. All NAU-owned PC’s and Macs continue to be licensed for the latest upgrades for MS-Windows and Office. 

Spring 2013
1/29/2013 3:16:26 PM