LOUIE and PS Financials security requests are going paperless!


Currently, LOUIE and PS Financials administrative security requests are documented using a paper form. Security request forms are manually completed by a requestor, signed by the employee and supervisor, hand-carried or snail-mailed to data stewards for approval, and then, finally, hand-carried or snail-mailed to the Security Data Entry Team. The paper method of requesting, routing for approval, and manual entry of PeopleSoft security is both time- and labor-intensive. Automation of the PeopleSoft administrative security request forms will help the university become more efficient at providing administrative users access to our PeopleSoft-based enterprise systems!

Key Features of an automated form:

  • More accurate requests for security. Employees and/or supervisors will be able to select the security roles from an electronic list. This will eliminate any confusion about which security role is actually being requested due to typos and misspellings.
  • Faster routing of security forms through Data Stewards for approval using worklist processing within the LOUIE system.
  • Security will be automatically assigned to users after the approval process is complete, removing the need for manual data entry of security roles. Automation will also eliminate data entry errors for more accurate assignment of access to our enterprise systems.
  • Employees, supervisors and data stewards will be able to track the progress of the security form through the approval process online in LOUIE. This will eliminate the time spent tracking down paper security forms floating through the mail system or sitting in a desk inbox.
  • Less Paper!  All information regarding a user’s PeopleSoft security will be stored electronically and made easily accessible. Along with the automation of all future security request forms, we are working to convert the historical paper forms to electronic media.
  • End result, more timely assignment of LOUIE access. Consequently employees will be able to get to the business of doing their jobs more quickly!

Electronic PeopleSoft Administration Security request processing will parallel the methodology currently in place for the processing of electronic Personnel Action Request forms (ePAR). Campus personnel familiar with ePAR processing will definitely have a head start on the how-to’s for the new electronic PeopleSoft Administrative Security request form. The implementation plan is to pilot the new system with a small group of departments in late February, 2013.  The official University-wide go-live is targeted for late March. If you would like to be part of the initial testing or if you have comments/suggestions please contact Kat Phalan at Kathleen.Phalan@nau.edu.

Spring 2013
1/29/2013 3:04:06 PM