Under New Management: BlackBoard Corporation

Blackboard learn-under new management

After some reorganization in the boardroom, Blackboard Corporation is moving forward with a renewed strategic push to improve their product lineup. Those changes include consolidating product management and development, improving the Learn feature set, and more smoothly integrating across Blackboard's diverse family of products.

Blackboard's approach is refreshing and timely. In addition to what we have been doing to improve the BB Learn experience at NAU, Blackboard has stepped up its support and innovation for its customers which will in turn benefit our students, faculty, and staff.

  • Blackboard now provides greater transparency and sharing of issues encountered by other customers.
  • All major service packs (4 releases a year) are fully tested with a suite of automated regression tests, manual unit tests, and blackboard pilot schools before release.
  • All Cumulative Patch Sets (about every two weeks) are run through the full regression tests (This is a new change).
  • Given the difficulty of fully testing individual patches, they will no longer use them as they tend to introduce more problems.
We look forward to leaps forward in quality and usability in the very near term for Blackboard Learn at NAU.

Fall 2013
9/17/2013 8:03:43 AM