WWW4 Web Server Goes Offline on July 1, 2015

Date Created: 3/13/2014 9:39:14 AM


The WWW4.nau.edu Web server has been in use at NAU since 2001. The success and stability of WWW4 made it host to many legacy websites and web applications and it carries a considerable burden for NAU’s Web development community. Originally brought online to support Microsoft’s FrontPage Server Extensions that at the time made website construction easier, FrontPage has suffered the fate of most technologies that once claimed cutting-edge status. As more capable technologies have eclipsed them, these obsolete tools now hobble the sites created with them. Such is the case with WWW4 and in the coming fifteen months, the site will be decommissioned in the following manner:

  • Identify sites on WWW4 essential to continued operations
  • Sites not using FrontPage extensions migrated to WWW7
  • Sites using FrontPage extensions converted to ASP.NET and WWW7
  • Sites with content only converted to Ektron Content Management System
  • Sites deemed non-essential, obsolete, or of unknown ownership deleted
  • WWW4 removed from service

It will be essential that all necessary websites hosted on WWW4 are identified and converted into operation either through the Ektron CMS (for content) or into ASP.NET on WWW7 before the cutoff date of July 1, 2015. The WWW4 Decommissioning Plan for IT Pros gives detail and direction for this effort plus helpful tips and contacts to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Please disseminate this information to anyone who might have knowledge or ownership of any currently active sites on WWW4.

For assistance, please contact the ITS Solution Center.