Unified Messaging Takes Over from Communite. Here's What to Do.

Date Created: 10/29/2013 4:56:21 PM

voice mail keypad

All individual voice mailboxes should now be using Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging (UM). 

The V.M. button for Voice Mail on Aastra phones has been changed to dial the Exchange UM access number 523-0076 instead of Communite. If you still have an individual mailbox that has not been converted from Communite to Microsoft Exchange UM, you can still access your messages by dialing 928-523-6225, but please contact the Solution Center at 928-523-1511 to request a conversion of your voicemail to Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging (UM). 

Individual Communite mailboxes are deleted after it has been confirmed that all old messages have been processed (important voicemails may be preserved on your computer by following this short video tutorial). Messages left in the Communite voice mailbox prior to the conversion should be accessed and erased or saved if needed as soon as possible.

Communite voicemail boxes still serve most departmental voice trees and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) groups. Those will be converted to Microsoft Exchange by the end of Spring semester next year.  The Communite access number will remain the same (928-523-6225) to access these mailboxes until they are converted.

Here's how to get your new unified messaging fully set up: 

  1. Check your email for the “Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging” email in your inbox. This email will include your 5-digit phone extension, voicemail access number, and temporary PIN. 
  2. To fully apply the conversion, restart your Outlook after you receive the welcome email. (Please note that existing Unified Messaging Voicemail users will not be affected by this change.)
  3. Users will be asked to verify that they have retrieved important old voicemails before they are removed from the system.
Further information about unified messaging and voicemail is available on the ITS page about using Microsoft Unified Messaging.