Safe Computing at NAU

Date Created: 9/22/2016 9:21:53 AM

Ransom Note 350px

The headlines today are filled with stories of the latest hacking incidents and data breaches. It’s right to be concerned about protecting your personal and financial data, but exactly what should you do? Here are some tips that will go a long way towards giving you some peace of mind.

  • Keep all software on your computer, laptop, tablet, gaming system and smart phone up to date with manufacturer’s security patches. Not just the operating system, but ALL software on your devices.
  • Don’t click on anything in an email. Get an update notification from facebook? Don’t click, go to your facebook app or web page and check for the update there. Does something look like an official NAU communication? Give the sending individual or department a call and make sure it’s a legitimate link or request. When in doubt, throw it out.
  • Removable storage devices can be a source of malware. Find a USB stick? Don’t connect it to your computer, it’s not worth the risk!
  • Don’t reuse credentials from critical services such as your financial institution or your NAU account information for any other purposes.
  • If you are banking, shopping, or entering account credentials, make sure web sites have addresses that begin with https:// or shttp://. If there’s no “s,” don’t enter your data.
  • An oldie, but definitely still important, back up your critical files!

 For more in-depth information about how to protect yourself on line, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance “StaySafeOnline” web page. No web link here – just Google it.