Remote Desktop Advantages

For Departments

Saves Money

The NAU Remote Desktop Servers can help departments save money by not having to purchase new computer equipment. Older machines can be used to run the Remote Desktop Client(RDC) and take advantage of the software that’s installed on the Remote Desktop servers.

Less Maintenance

 Departmental computer support can be minimized by not having to maintain hardware and software installs on each desktop.  The software on the Remote Desktop is constantly monitored for patches and upgrades by ITS, ensuring the clients are always running the most current versions.


For Users

Access to Files

 Users needing remote access to their data on Windows File Servers(such as your H: drive or \\naushares) now have this easily available to them by using the Remote Desktop Services. Home drives on are automatically mapped on the Remote Desktop Server.

Access to Printers

 When a user logs on to the Remote Desktop Server, all network printers that the user has on their local machine are available.


Related Services

Not available to students Available to facultyAvailable to staff

Several users may work simultaneously on the remote desktop servers; each user only sees their individual session and is independent of any other user logged on.