View Financial Aid

In the LOUIE Student Center, you can View Financial Aid awards, find out how much aid you will be awarded for each financial aid application, and see what dates your financial aid disbursements are scheduled to occur. You can access these things by viewing the Financial Aid section of LOUIE Student Center Finances. If you did not apply for Financial Aid, you can skip this tutorial.

Click the View Financial Aid link under the Financial Aid subheading for Finances in your LOUIE Student Center (figure 1).

Figure 1

LOUIE Student Center Finances Tab

If you do not see Financial Aid or the list of links underneath the Finances heading, click on the green triangle in front of the word Finances to display them.

On the Select Aid Year to View page, click on the link of the financial aid year for which you filled out financial aid applications. As shown in Figure 2 below, click on the Aid Year link, with the Aid Year Description of the Financial Aid Year you wish to view.

Figure 2

Select the Aid Year to View

On the View Financial Aid page, you can see what aid you accepted for that year and how much will be distributed per semester (figure 3). It is also possible for you to be able to view what dates your financial aid will be distributed by clicking View Scheduled Disbursement Dates.

Figure 3

Financial Aid Award Summary


Training & Documentation

Learn how to accept or decline your financial aid awards in LOUIE.

Learn how to accept or decline your financial aid awards in LOUIE.

Learn how to view your pending financial aid in LOUIE.