Update Travel Profile - PS Financials

Business Process: Update Profile

When you add employees to the PeopleSoft Expenses System, you need to validate their organizational data before PeopleSoft Expenses marks the employees as valid for expense entry. To update an employee you follow the steps in the order indicated below. After the completion you will click the "Validate" button on the User Profile - Organization Data page to initiate the validation process for that employee.

Organizational Data:

Traveler/Proxy organizational data
Figure: Traveler/Proxy organizational data

HR Information section GL Unit, and Department:  The NAUBU GL Unit now defaults and need not be entered.  Enter the travelers Department ID that he/she will most commonly be traveling.

Default ChartField Values section:  The GL Unit and Dept will be inferred.  Enter the Fund and Program for the Department ID.

Cash Advance Level:  This now automatically defaults. No entry is needed.

Default Profile Check Box: This box is typically checked.  

Click SAVE: You  MUST "save" after selecting the Default Profile

Validate ButtonClick the "Validate" button to complete the process.

User & Expense Defaults:

NOTE: "Entry Method" is no longer necessary for updating. "User Default" Tab is used if grant information will be defaulted into the Expense Report. In updating a profile, Entry will only be on the "EXPENSE TYPE DEFAULTS" section.

  Required fields: 

  • PC Business Unit:  This should always be GRT01  (only specific departments are authorized to use other selections. if you need to enter something different, check with your supervisor to make sure you are authorized to use the "other" selection.)
  • Project: You need to know the project code and always enter it.
  • Activity: You will ALWAYS enter a "1" for this field.
The section "Time Defaults" should be ignored--no data should be entered in this section. 
  • SAVE

Define general default preferences.
Figure: Define general default preferences.


Training & Documentation

Prior to creating a Travel Expense Report for an Employee, you will need to make sure that the Employee is "Verified/Valid" (eligible) for a reimbursement. View this "How-To" guide to find this information in PeopleSoft.