View Unofficial Transcript

Your transcript is a record of all the courses that you have taken, or transferred for credit, at Northern Arizona University. It will list the courses you have taken, the grades you received, and the number of credit hours for each course.

Your Unofficial Transcript can be viewed by you in the LOUIE Student Center. If you need an Official Transcript, (one with the university seal on it for an employer, for instance) it can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Registrar. Follow the directions below to view your Unofficial Transcript.

Click on the down arrow next to other academic to access the other academic drop down menu, located under the Academics heading and the four hyperlinks in your LOUIE Student Center. Highlight Transcript: View Unofficial, and then click the circle with the two arrows next to it (figure 1).

Figure 1

LOUIE Student Center Other Academics Drop Down Menu

The report you request when viewing an Unofficial Transcript will be displayed online. Therefore, you must be patient and make sure you do NOT click any buttons while it is processing. If you do, this could cause your request to fail and will slow down any processing that is taking place.

On the View Unofficial Transcript page, choose Northern Arizona University by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the text box next to Academic Institution. Then, click on the drop-down arrow in the text box next to Report Type, and choose Unofficial. Now, click on the green view report button (figure 2).

Figure 2

Select Report Type

Your transfer credits, test credits, and NAU classes display on the Report Results page. Figure 3 below displays results that you might see as you scroll down the page when viewing the requested report. You can also print your Unofficial Transcript by using your browser print options or, leave the report online and refer to it when needed. 

Figure 3

Report Results

If an Unofficial Transcript or Degree Progress Report has been requested for you before, you have the option of clicking on the View All Requested Reports button at the bottom of the View Unofficial Transcript page (figure 4).

Figure 4

View all Requested Reports Button

On the View Previously Requested Reports page, you will see a list of your reports that have been stored electronically. Notice they are sorted by Request Date so you can view and print the one that is specific to your needs by clicking the green view report button in the same row as the report you wish to view.

Figure 5

Previous Requests Page


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