To Do List

You can find out whether you have anything listed in the To Do List by using the To Do List area of your LOUIE Student Center found on the right side as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 

LOUIE To Do List

In the Item List of the To Do List Summary, you will see there is a To Do Item hyperlink listed as seen in the example below. Click on the hyperlink located in the To Do Item column to view more details about it and to learn who to contact in order to clear this item.

Figure 2

To Do Information Link

After clicking on the To Do Item hyperlink you will be directed to the details page (Figure 3).

The To Do Item Detail page provides you with all the information needed to clear the item from your To Do List. For instance, below the blue Contact bar, shown in Figure 3 below, you will see the Function related to the Financial Aid Certification Statement To Do item, as well as the item’s required Due Date. If there is a contact person, they will also be shown here with an email address along with the department that can assist you with this item. 

The information included below the blue Description bar provides even more detail on the item needed to clear your To Do List. Once the To Do item task has been completed this item will be removed from your To Do List.

Figure 3 

To Do Details


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