Swap a Class

You can Swap a Class in your LOUIE Student Center by confirming your enrollment in a new section of a class BEFORE you drop the section in which you are already enrolled. This is called a swap.

Click on the drop-down arrow in the other academics textbox, located under the Academics heading in your LOUIE Student Center. Highlight Swap Classes, and then click the circle, with the two arrows, next to it, as shown framed in red, in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 

LOUIE Swap Select

Next you will be directed to select your term as shown below in Figure 2. Select the term that corresponds to the term that whose courses you wish to swap.

Figure 2

Term Select

Make sure you have the Swap tab selected (highlighted in purple in Figure 3).

From here you will see a few options. The first is to change term as shown highlighted in orange. To change your term click the green change term button at the top of the page.

Once you have your correct term you can then choose the course you wish to swap out of your schedule. This is the course that will be dropped. You can select this course from the drop down menu titled Select from your schedule shown outlined in red in the figure below.

Next you will need to select a course to replace this one. You can do this one two different ways. The first is by searching for the course you are looking for from a list of available course. You can do this by selecting the topic from the drop down menu that you are interested in and then clicking the green search button next to the menu (shown outlined in green). The second way is to input the course number that corresponds to the specific course at the time you are looking for. This can be found underneath the Class Search dropdown menu outlined in blue.

Figure 3

Select Courses to Swap

Once you have chosen the course you wish to add to your schedule, you will be directed to a details page for that course which includes things like requirement designation, meeting days and times, location, instructor, etc. If you are sure you would like this course to be added to your schedule select the green Next button shown outlined in orange in Figure 4 below. If you would like to go back and choose another course, select the blue Previous button outlined in green , or if you would like to cancel the entire thing and keep your current course, selected the blue Cancel button.

Figure 4

Continue with Swap

As seen in Figure 5 below, both the course you plan to drop and the course you plan to add will be displayed. After verifying that the information for both is correct and you wish to proceed, select the green Finish Swapping button or if you wish to keep the current course, select the blue Cancel button outlined in red.

Figure 5

Finish Swap

After you finish swapping you will be brought to a View results page. It will show you the courses you swapped in and out of your schedule and the success of that swap. If there is a green check mark, the swap was successful. If there is a red “X” then the swap was not successful. If you get an error, check and see if the course is still open and that you meet all requirements of the course.

You can view how the course in your schedule by clicking the blue My Class Schedule button on the bottom right side of the page shown below in Figure 6 outlined in red.

Figure 6 Results of Swap


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