Computing Abroad

A Guide for Study-Abroad Students

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! Here is a quick list of tech tips to make sure all of your bases are covered while you are away.

Before You Leave

  • Password 
    • Make sure you have your NAU password and security questions set up before you leave. You can do this by going to

  • Email
    • To ensure you do not miss any important emails from NAU, you can set up your NAU email on a mobile device or third-party client. Instructions for setting up Gmail on your phone's native email app or third-party program can be found here.
    • Information on downloading and using the Gmail mobile app can be found here: Android or iOS.

  • LOUIE and Account Payments
    • It is important to remember when charges on your NAU account are due, so please familiarize yourself with the payment schedule as outlined by Student and Departmental Account Services.
    • You can always set up an Authorized User account for a parent or guardian to make payments on your behalf. Instructions and more information can be found at the Student and Departmental Account Services payment options website.

  • Other Technical Considerations
    • If you will be taking a laptop or desktop computer with you, check to make sure that you have all necessary power converters, batteries, extra flash drives, etc.

While You're Away

  • Password
    • Please remember that your password expires. It is likely that you will need to change your password during your study abroad session. 

  • LOUIE and Account Payments
    • LOUIE can often have issues displaying content if the computer is in a different language. If you have problems with LOUIE when studying abroad and cannot change the computer language to English, you can access the NAU Virtual Lab to make payments and enroll in courses. 

Questions or Problems?

Contact the Student Technology Center

  • +1 928-523-9294

Our Toll-Free number will not work internationally. If you are abroad and need to contact us, use the email address or local Flagstaff phone number. We cannot change passwords via email, so if you need us to contact you, make sure to include your name, username and a phone number at which we can contact you. Include the country codes and times (in Arizona time, 


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The Student Technology Center (STC) provides 24/7 technical phone support as well as in-person support. Call 928-523-9294 for assistance or statewide toll-free at 888-520-7215.