Manage a Shared Email Mailbox

Shared email account managers have the ability to add and remove users from an email account. If you plan to add Students to your shared email account or need to change managagers for your shared email account, please contact the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511.

To begin managing shared email box users you will need to start a remote connection to GreenPC. Here are the instructions on how to connect to GreenPC.

  1. Once you have connected to GreenPC you will be presented with a desktop similar to this one shown below.
  2. Select the 'Start' menu at the bottom left and click on 'Active Directory Users and Computers'. If 'Active Directory Users and Computers' does not show in the main 'Start' menu select 'All Programs' at the bottom of the menu, and locate 'Active Directory Users and Computers' at the top of the next menu screen.
  3. The Active Directory console will then open and appear similar to this image.
  4. In the Active Directory console menu, click on the 'Find Users, Contacts, and Groups' icon. If the icon is not available to select, choose '' in the left hand side of the console.
  5. Once opened, the 'Find Users, Contacts, and Groups' selection box will appear. Make sure that when searching you have selected to search within the entire directory. Below that in the 'Name' field you will want to enter the aliased name of your shared email account. This name should start with "s-".
  6. If you do not know the alias name for you email box, open up Microsoft Outlook and start a new email message. When you have the new email message open, select the "To..." button.  This will open a new search box allowing us to search for your shared email box.
  7. When searching for your email box, search with 'More Columns' option selected. Once you have searched for your email box and found it listed in the box below, you will be able to scroll to the right of your selection in the the column that says 'Alias'. This alias is the name that we will use to search in Active directory.
  8. Back in Active Directory, after you have searched for your email alias, you will find three options available. The only option you will work with is the one that has '_Users' at the end of its name.
  9. Once you have located the option, double click on the option name. This will present you with a properties window for your selection.
  10. In the properties window, select the tab for 'Members' and then select the "Add..." button to add new users. You can also select a user's name in this window and select "Remove" if that user no longer needs access to this shared email account.
  11. Once you have selected "Add..." you will then be presented with a new search box. In this search box type in the user ID of the person to add to your shared email account. After you have typed in the user ID for your new user, select 'Check Names'. This will allow the system to verify that you have typed in the user name correctly. After you are satisfied with your entry, select 'OK'. If you have completed your changes for the users of your shared email account, select OK on all screens and then exit GreenPC.

If you have any questions about managing shared email accounts or encounter problems while managing your shared email account please contact the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511.


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