Search for Classes

The LOUIE Student Center, or Home page, displays links to Academics, Finances, Personal Information, and more. The Search for Classes button (Figure 1) provides access to browse the course catalog and search for classes you might want to add, drop, or swap.

Search for Classes

To find classes in LOUIE:

  1. Click the green Search for Classes button on the LOUIE Home page (Figure 1).

    Figure 1

  2. On the Enter Search Criteria page, click the Term dropdown list and select the appropriate term (Figure 2).

  3. Select at least two search criteria and click the Search button (Figure 2).


    Figure 2

  4. There are multiple options to narrow your search.

    • Subject: Lists course subjects, such as Mathematics (MAT) and Anthropology (ANT).
    • Course Number: Provides a field to search for an exact course number or courses above a certain level.
    • Campus: Lists all NAU campus locations. If no location is selected, Flagstaff is selected. Select the Online Classes Only to list only online classes.
    • Requirement Designation: Lists requirements a class could fulfill, such as University or broad Major Requirements.
    • Course Career: Allows you to filter to undergraduate or graduate courses.

Additional Search Criteria

If you want to search by more specific criteria, click Additional Search Criteria (Figure 3). 

This section allows you to search by:

  • Start and End time

  • Day of the week
  • Instructor
  • Class number
  • Course Title Keyword
  • Minimum and maximum units
  • Starting month
  • Mode of Instruction
  • Session


Figure 3

Class Detail

The class Section appears in the top left corner of the search results. Click the link to view the Class Detail (Figure 4).


Figure 4

Figure 5 displays all of the details about the selected class, such as course fees, class capacity, and a brief description. There is even a link to view the required textbooks.


Figure 5

Click the View Search Results button to return to the search results. The previous search results are still available or you can click the New Search button to start a new search (Figure 6).


Figure 6


Training & Documentation

Learn how to add a class to your schedule using the LOUIE Student Center.

Learn how to browse the course catalog in LOUIE to find information about classes offered at NAU.

Learn how to browse the course catalog in LOUIE to find information about classes offered at NAU.