Student Employee Account Management (SEAM) FAQ

When will my student employee accounts actually be built?

Normally it will take between 5 and 20 minutes for the student employee account(s) to be built. If additional permissions/access where given to the student employee account may take as long as a full day before they have access to various accounts and resources.


The student employee accounts I requested show as “COMPLETED”, but my students cannot log on.

Before your student can access and start using their new account, they will need to reset their password. They can do this by going to Please remind them that this will reset the password for ALL their NAU accounts, including their student accounts.


What does the “Status” mean?

Pending – Request has been submitted and is waiting until the student worker’s hiring process has been completed through Human Resources before the request will begin processing.

Processing – Request is currently being processed and should complete shortly. The time it takes to complete is dependent on how many requests are in line for processing.

Complete – Request has been successfully processed; new account is ready for use and/or requested changes have been applied. Please note that for new accounts the student must reset their NAU password at in order to access the account.

Expired – Student employee account is expired and will be removed during the next overnight processing cycle. While the account shows as expired, it can be edited and/or renewed.


What does it mean if my student request is in PENDING status?

A status of PENDING indicates that an account has been requested, but the supervisor and/or Human Resources has not completed the hiring process for the student.


Will supervisors be notified when a student employee account is about to be expired?

The original requestor and all management contacts will receive an email letting them know the account is about to expire.


What happens when a student employee account expires? How do I completely delete a student employee account?

When a student employee account expires, login access to domain resources will be revoked as soon as the change processes (~30 min.). The account will show as “Expired” until it is purged during the nightly cycle. Supervisors will still need to remove permissions from any shared exchange email accounts, NAUShares, or other permissions/access that has been granted. This will not happen automatically.


Can I reactivate an expired student employee account?

If your student is still listed under your department, yes, you can renew their account. Select the student and then click on ‘Renew Selected’. Select the new expiration date for the account and click ‘Save’.

If your student is no longer listed under your department you will have to select ‘Add New’ and walk through the screen for adding a new student. After you re-add the student, you must also add any required permissions to resources.


I mistakenly requested an account for the wrong student. How do I fix it?

From the listing of student employee accounts for your department, select the student for whom you have mistakenly requested an account. Click on the ‘Expire Selected’ button. You will see that student listed. After verifying that the listed student is the one you would like to remove, click the ‘Expire’ button. Expiring the students account will revoke access to domain resources; however, the account itself will not be deleted immediately. Accounts are removed during the normal account purge process that runs nightly.


The supervisor for a student worker has changed. How do I update it?

Select the student from your department and then click ‘Edit Selected’. Put in the new supervisor’s uid in the Mgmt. Contact UserID field. Click “Save” to update the student employee account entry with the new supervisor information.


The expiration date for my student employee has passed but my student still has access. Why?

Your student is employed by another department on campus who has also requested an account for them. It is particularly important in this case that you removed all permissions/access that you granted to the student, since their account will remain active until it is also expired by the other department.


My student employee account is “COMPLETED” and my student can log in, but they still cannot access the shared files I need them to update.

Supervisors will also need to add permissions/access for the student employee account to access the area where the files are shared. Be sure to keep track of permissions/access you add for each student so that you can easily remove them when the student no longer needs permission/access.


How do I ensure that I have removed all permissions/access from my student into my area?

To ensure that you have removed all permissions/access from your student worker when they leave, you should keep an accurate account of what permissions/access you gave to them. Keeping a check list or a spreadsheet would be a very helpful tool in assisting you with this.


Can I edit my account request (change the Account Type, change the Mgmt. Contact) while my student is in a PENDING status?

Yes. Select the student you wish to edit and then click on ‘Edit Selected’. You can edit any of the fields that come up on the Edit Student Employees screen. Be sure you click “Save” when you are finished.


I have account requests still listed in my area as PENDING for students who no longer need accounts. How to I remove them from my list of students?

Select the PENDING student(s) you wish to remove and click “Cancel Selected…”. The selected students will be listed on the Cancel Request screen. Click “Cancel the Requests” to remove them.


I want to renew an expired student’s account but they are not listed under my department. What do I do?

If your student does not show up under your selected department, you will need to request a new student employee account for them. This means that they will need to reset their password again for access the new account. You will also need to re-grant permissions/access they had previously.


I accidently added a student by mistake. They are in a PENDING status. I tried to expire the account before it completed but it won’t let me. What can I do?

Select the account that you would like to remove. Instead of clicking the ‘Expire Selected’ you will need to click on ‘Cancel Selected’. This will cancel the request.


My student has been successfully given the NAU Domain account that I requested but she is unable to log onto her work machine. Why?

There could be several reasons for this.

  • Check to make sure your student is logging on to the NAU domain rather than the NAU-Student domain.
  • Check to make sure that your student has reset their password so that their new account password is synchronized. 


My student mentioned that they have been missing important emails from their instructors. My student has a Limited Exchange account for calendaring and scheduling purposes with our department. Could this Exchange account be affecting student-related email?

Professors (and other Exchange users) will find and send correspondence to students’ Exchange accounts. Your student needs to be checking their Exchange email regularly, even if they are only using this account for calendaring and scheduling purposes. Have the student forward any student-related emails to their NAU Gmail account. The student may also wish to alert the sender and inform them that they need to type in the complete “(uid)” so that email will go to the student’s NAU Gmail account. Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent people from finding and using the students Limited Exchange account. They will need to be diligent about checking it regularly.


I hired a student who also works for another department. Do I need to request another account for them?

Yes, you will need to request an account for your student employee whether or not they currently have one requested by a supervisor of a different position. Adding your request does not create a separate account for your student employee, but does add you as a supervisor associated with the student. This will allow you to control when the account expires for your position, regardless of the student employee’s other position(s) with NAU.

If different levels of access are requested by each department a student is employed by, the student will be granted the account type with the most services requested by both departments. For example, if “Department A” requests an NAU Domain account, and “Department B” requests NAU Domain + Lync + Limited Exchange, the student will be granted an NAU Domain + Lync + Limited Exchange account for the duration of their employment with “Department B”. If “Department B” expires their account request before “Department A”, the student employee’s access would then be limited to “NAU Domain Only”. Permissions to resources granted to the student employee account will remain until they are specifically removed.


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