View My Schedule in Weekly Calendar View

When you login to the LOUIE Student Center, you will see This Week's Schedule listed under the Academics heading (If you do not see This Week's Schedule, click on the green triangle in front of the word Academics to display it). This Week's Schedule is a table that lists all of the classes you are enrolled in during the current term.

To view your class schedule in Weekly Calendar View, click on the link Weekly Schedule, located below the table (figure 1).

Figure 1

 LOUIE Student Center

Your My Class Schedule page will show your weekly schedule as of the current week. In order to display your weekly schedule for another date, click on the calendar symbol next to the Show Week of text box to select a date (figure 2). You can also type in the Start Time and the End Time you wish to display in your weekly schedule, then click on the blue Refresh Calendar button next to these choices.

To view your weekly schedule one week prior to the current week, or one week after the current week, click on one of the two buttons directly above the weekly schedule called Previous Week and Next Week.

You can further refine what displays in your weekly schedule by checking or unchecking the check boxes at the bottom of the page which specify days of the week, AM/PM, and whether or not you prefer to show the instructors for each course. After making your selections, click on the green Refresh Calendar button next to the Display Options box (figure 2).

Once you have made your selections, click on the green Refresh Calendar button.

Figure 2

 Weekly Schedule


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