SafeConnect: Getting Prompted to Download and Install Over and Over?

For those that are getting prompted to install SafeConnect over and over, try these steps to correct the problem: 

  1. SafeConnect needs anywhere between a few seconds to a minute to "talk back" to our servers when your computer starts up. Try restarting your computer, wait for a little bit, and then try browsing the Internet as normal to see if that has gotten you online.
  2. Go to this website ( which will attempt to force SafeConnect to "talk back" to NAU's servers.
  3. Please try uninstalling SafeConnect and reinstalling it. Then, restart your computer, wait, and try to access the internet.
  4. Please try disabling the firewall of your operating system (Windows Mac) or disabling the firewall of your anti-virus software.
  5. Contact the Student Technology Center so that we can assist you further.


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