Run an Advisement Report

An Advisement Report lets you see your degree requirements, and what you have completed toward graduation, depending on which major, minor or certificate you declared. The report, also called “My Academic Requirements,” focuses on what courses you have currently fulfilled for your major and what course remain to be done before you can graduate.

If you are thinking about changing your major, the advisement report can also be used to show how your completed coursework will apply to the new major. See the section below on How to Create a What-if Scenario in LOUIE.

*Note: Post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for advisement reports.

While advisement reports are a great advising tool, it does NOT replace seeing your advisor on a regular basis. Use your Advisement Report as a discussion and planning tool with your advisor .

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How to Run an Advisement Report in LOUIE

Click on the My Academics hyperlink located under the Academics subheading in your LOUIE Student Center as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 

LOUIE My Academics Link

Next select the View my advisement report located to the right of the Academic Requirements text (Figure 2)

Figure 2

View My Academics Link

The report you request when running Advisement will be displayed online. Therefore, you must be patient and make sure you do NOT click any buttons while it is processing. If you do, this could cause your request to fail and will slow down any processing that is taking place.

When it loads you will see all the information relevant to your education history towards a degree at NAU and it should look similar to the one shown in Figure 3 below (in the image below each subheading has been collapsed). Listed will be groups of subheadings to show the requirements belonging to their respective category. If you have not yet chosen a major or minor then these subheadings will not appear.

Figure 3

Advisement Report

See the tutorial titled How to Read an Advisement Report for help reading the report. Or, continue to read the instructions here to learn How to run a What-if Scenario. 

How to Create a What-if Report in LOUIE

If you are thinking of changing majors, Advisement allows you to run a What-If Scenario to see how your coursework would apply to a different major or a different catalog year. To run this report, select the My Academics hyperlink as shown in Figure 1 above. Then select the Create a what-if scenario link to the right of the What-If Report text (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Create a What-if Scenario Link 

Select the green Create New Report button located on the What-If Report: What-if Report Selection page as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Create Report Button

After clicking the above button, a bunch of options will come up on the What-If Scenario: Create What-if Scenario page. First select your career, either graduate or undergraduate, as shown outlined in red in Figure 6 below. Next to career, there is the option to select a catalog year outlined in blue. This is the year you began your first term at NAU.  Below these options there are also ones that deal with your major and minor. Under Plan Type will be your current major. If you wish to change your major, select the UPDATE button outlined in green to change it, or you can delete the major altogether by selecting the DELETE button outlined in orange. You can also add another major if you wish to double major by selecting ADD MAJOR outlined in yellow,  add a minor by selecting ADD MINOR outlined in purple, or add a certificate by selecting ADD CERTIFICATE outlined in black.

To approve all the changes and create your what-if scenario, select SUBMIT REQUEST outlined in pink or you can return to the Report Selection page by clicking the button outlined in grey.

If you have recently created a What-If Scenario you may also re-open that by clicking on the green Load Latest Scenario button in the top right corner shown outlined in brown.

Figure 6 

Create Report Details

As shown below in Figure 7, you will be directed to a version of your advisement report that now has your revised information on it. This includes how your current course credits will distribute towards your new plan.

*NOTE: This is just a plan and will not actually change your major/minor, only show you how your current credits will fill in to it.

Figure 7

What-if Report



You can also access both the Advisement Report and the What-if Scenario from your MyNAU Portal as well.

How to Run an Advisement Report in MyNAU

To run an advisement report in the MyNAU Portal, select the Advisement Reports text located in the Student Center underneath your course list as shown in Figure 8 outlined in red.

Figure 8

Advisement Reports in MyNAU

Next Select the Advisement Report link from the menu that pops up (Figure 9).

Figure 9

Advisement Report Link

You will then be directed to your Advisement Report.

How to Create a What-if Report in MyNAU

Like we did in Figure 8, select the Advisement Reports Text under your course list. Then select the What if I change my major to.. link as shown below in Figure 10.

Figure 10

What-if Report in MyNAU

From here follow the steps outlined above that correspond to Figures 5-7 in “How to Create a What-if Report in LOUIE ”.


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