Windows XP Support on ResNet Ending

Beginning in August 2014, NAU ResNet will no longer support Windows XP computers in connecting to the residence hall networks. This will affect both wireless and Ethernet connection on ResNet. Below are some frequently asked questions about this change:

Why is NAU ResNet blocking Windows XP computers?
NAU ResNet policies are designed to ensure a safe network for everyone. Part of these policies include operating system (OS) patches, which are issued by manufacturers in order to fix security problems that are discovered after the system’s release. Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, meaning that no additional security patches will be issued after that date. Future security problems with this OS will not be fixed, and software makers (including Anti-Virus software companies) will begin to stop supporting the OS. This leaves these computers vulnerable, and therefore the NAU network vulnerable. NAU is extending this April deadline in order to allow students an additional four months to upgrade systems.

What will happen to computers running Windows XP in August?
Computers not upgraded from Windows XP by August 11, 2014 will be unable to browse the web on ResNet (wired or wireless). This will not affect the ability to connect to NAU wireless hotspots in academic or administrative buildings.

I have a Windows XP computer. How can I prepare for Fall 2014?
If your computer meets the system requirements, you can upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. NAU offers discounts to students for either Windows 7 or Windows 8 through the JourneyEd online store. The NAU Student Technology Center provides a walk-in/drop off service, which provides re-install/upgrade services to students as a part of their IT Fee.

Windows 7 System Requirements | Windows 8 System Requirements | Purchase Windows

My computer doesn’t meet the Windows 7 system requirements. What are my options?
If your computer is too old or doesn’t meet the requirements to install Windows 7, you won’t be able to continue to use that device on NAU ResNet using Windows. You can, however, install Ubuntu or another linux-based operating system, but this is recommended for advanced users only. The Student Technology Center can assist with linux installs.

You can also purchase a new laptop that comes preloaded with Windows 7 or 8, or a supported Apple OSX operating system. NAU provides a Dell discount purchase program as well as Apple discounts through the bookstore.

NAU also provides several computer labs on campus for student use, including several 24/7 labs.

I have more questions about this change. Who can I contact?
If you have additional questions on the ResNet Windows XP End of Life, please contact the NAU Student Technology Center at (928) 523-9294 or


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