ResNet Policies

Router Policy

In order to ensure access to NAU wireless access points and to reduce interference in the residence halls, personal routers are not permitted in any residence hall room as a part of the Network Acceptable Use Policy. NAU ResNet provides over 1,400 wireless access points throughout the residence halls on the Flagstaff Mountain campus. These are “smart” access points and automatically adjust their power and range based on their surroundings in order to provide the best possible wireless signal. Personal routers can cause interference, and while in use, other students may notice slower or less reliable connectivity while the owner of the personal router may experience a complete lack of a connection.

NAU ResNet staff will identify personal wireless routers using network management tools. If a personal router is located, we will work with Residence Life to get the device removed. If you notice a personal wireless router in your area, contact the Student Technology Center.

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NAU Acceptable Use Policy for Students

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