READS Message for Quarantined Attachment

The attached message will read as follows:

(the filename and reference number below are examples)

Northern Arizona University's email gateway has replaced an attachment associated with this mail message because that attachment is of a file type that could contain a virus. As of September 20, 2004, NAU began holding attachments of the types deemed most likely to contain viruses. This applies to both incoming and outgoing mail. To get more details on why this is being done, please read the NAU anti-virus attachment filter policy.

The document/attachment has been removed from this mail message, but is still available to you if you wish to have it re-sent.

The name of the original attachment was

NAU has assigned a Reference ID of:

MG3-0I5K04N012J708 AUTH CODE 85806108

NAU will retain a copy of the document/attachment for 120 days. Please contact the original sender to determine whether they actually sent the attachment to you, and if so, if they are sure that it is not a virus. Please note that many viruses "spoof" the From: line, so the person who appears to be the sender may not have actually sent you the e-mail.

After contacting the original sender, if you need a copy of the document/attachment, visit the following website to have it re-sent to you in its entirety: 

If you are unable to access that site by clicking on the link above, you may copy-and-paste the full URL: 

into the "Address" bar of your web browser, or manually type in  

and use the Reference ID and Auth Code above to access your attachment.


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Information Technology Services uses a virus filter on email to stop virus attacks to prevent network problems.


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