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Business Process: Changing to Amount Only

After a Purchase Order has been created it may be necessary to change a line from a quantity to amount only.  This can be done per line on a Purchase Order.

Maintain Purchase Order :

  • Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Add/Update POs (Find Existing Value)

Find an Existing Value

Business Unit:  NAUBU

PO ID: Type the PO ID

Purchase Order Date: Select the PO date

PO Status: Select the status of the PO you are searching for

Vendor Name: Select the vendor name

Buyer: Select the Buyer ID


Select the PO to be changed

Note:  The only field required to search is ‘Business Unit.’  The other fields are used to narrow the search criteria.

Purchase Order

Select the “Line Details” icon next to the line to be changed.

Details for Line 1

Expand the ‘Attributes’ section

Check the ‘Amount Only’ box



Purchase Order


Note:  The ‘PO Quantity’ is no longer updateable and the Price is the only field available.


Additional Information:

This must be done for each line of the Purchase Order that will need to be converted to Amount Only.

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