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Business Process: Modifying a Vendor – Correct History

After a vendor is created it may be necessary to make additions or changes, such as adding a new address of contact.  This can be done by adding an effective dated row.

Add/Update Vendor:

Vendors>Vendor Information>Add/Update>Vendor

Vendor Information

SetID: Regular vendor NAU00 (Payroll Vendor APY01, Student SFY01)

Vendor ID: Enter the vendor ID, if known

Persistence: Use to filter the search results

Short Vendor Name: Use to filter the search results

Our Customer Number: Use to filter the search results

Name 1: Use to filter the search results

Correct History: Check to update the vendor in ‘Correct History’ mode


Select the vendor to update

Summary Tab

The summary tab will be displayed first.  Notice the ‘Last Modified By’ and ‘Last modified date’.  This will update after saving any changes.

Change Address:

Address Tab

“+”:  Select this to change the address.

 Vendor Address

Effective Date:  The date the new address is effective.  As of the effective date, the previous address will not be used.

Country: Defaults to USA

Address 1: First line of address, up to 55 characters.

Address 2: Second line of address, up to 55 characters.

City: Address city, up to 30 characters

Postal: Postal code

State: Two letter state code

Email ID: Any email that is specific to this address

Phone Information

    Type: Business Phone   Telephone: Type the phone number, area code first, with no spaces or punctuation.

“+”: Choose to add another phone number or fax line.

Save – Notice the ‘Summary’ tab information has changed.

Note: The old address defaults into the page, change as needed.

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