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All PSFIN users should refer to these policies and procedures when processing transactions through PeopleSoft Financials: Comptroller's Policies & Procedures 

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PeopleSoft (also known as "LOUIE") is NAU's student and employee information management system. ITS provides technical support for the PeopleSoft system.  


Training & Documentation

The Purchasing Card (PCARD) enables Cardholders to easily purchase items directly with their card instead of going through the Requisition-Purchase Order process. While certain restrictions may apply, the Procurement Department encourages employees to use this simplified method to obtain items they need. These training documents explain the processes of how to use your NAU Purchasing Card.

When goods or services need to be purchased and a Requisition (REQ) has been created and approved, PeopleSoft will automatically convert (source) the REQ into a Purchase Order (PO). Once the PO is sourced, it is sent (dispatched) to the Vendor. It is at this time, the Department may begin ordering the goods and services. Depending on the dollar amount and other restrictions, a PO may be created by the department (DPT) or by NAU's central procurement/purchasing unit (PUR). View these "How-To" guides on PO Processes in PeopleSoft. 

This section provides "How-To" guides on receiving items against open Purchase Order (PO) line items. Whether the receipt/receiver  for the goods/services are being applied against an "amount only/blanket" PO or a detailed line item PO, the process is the same. Vendor invoices can not be paid until the receipt/receiver is entered in the appropriate line of the PO. A 3-way match (PO line item Qty/Unit Price match the Invoice line item Qty/Unit Price AND the line item has been received --partially or completely) is required in order for a Vendor payment to be released. any deviance from the 3-way match will result in unpaid Vendor invoices. 

When goods or services are needed, the first thing that needs to be done (if not using a Purchasing Card) is to Create a Requisition. Once the Requisition is submitted and approved, it will then be converted (sourced) into a Purchase Order from which vendors may be authorized to provide goods and services. View these "How-To" guide Creating Requisitions.