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All PSFIN users should refer to these policies and procedures when processing transactions through PeopleSoft Financials: Comptroller's Policies & Procedures 

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PeopleSoft (also known as "LOUIE") is NAU's student and employee information management system. ITS provides technical support for the PeopleSoft system.  


Training & Documentation

View a how-to guide on dispatching purchase orders in PeopleSoft (LOUIE).

COMING SOON!! (projected target date: 05/13/13) Business Process: Dispatching Staples Purchase Orders After a requisition is created, approved, budget checked and sourced to a Purchase Order, the PO must be dispatched to Staples Office Supply.  The PO is dispatched to Staples electronically and there is no need to print the PO.

The Open Purchase Order report provides a listing of Purchase Orders that have open encumbrances.  Users specify the Dept. ID and date range.    The report excludes closed, final closed and cancelled orders.