PCARD Processing - PS Financials

All PSFIN users should refer to these policies and procedures when processing transactions through PeopleSoft Financials: Comptroller's Policies & Procedures

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PeopleSoft (also known as "LOUIE") is NAU's student and employee information management system. ITS provides technical support for the PeopleSoft system.  


Training & Documentation

All Purchasing Card transactions require supporting documentation to substantiate the expense.  With the implementation of the new reconciliation process in PS Financials, it is now required that documentation supporting the expense be uploaded for each transaction.

PCard transactions made using an NAU PCard are loaded into Peoplesoft Financials for reconciliation.  The Reconciliation Process section of this training manual outlines the requirements of the Reconciler and the Approver.  Links to detailed processes of each requirement are provided throughout the Reconciliation Process section.