Basic Navigation Tips - PS Financials

All PSFIN users should refer to these policies and procedures when processing transactions through PeopleSoft Financials: Comptroller's Policies & Procedures 


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PeopleSoft (also known as "LOUIE") is NAU's student and employee information management system. ITS provides technical support for the PeopleSoft system.  


Training & Documentation

View this "How-To" guide explaining how to navigate through the "Favorites" tab to create and edit favorites. Favorites are shortcuts or "bookmarks" to pages and searches you frequently use in PS Financials.

View this "How-To" guide on the basic principles of the Drop Down menus throughout PS Financials. Drop Down menus help you to select and view different options available for the function you are processing.

Once you become expert in doing Searches in PS Financials, you will better understand the significance of the fields you complete in each of the modules pagelets. View this "How-To" guide to assist you in your search for data, finding your documents, and much more. This navigation is generic and may be used in any of business processes modules.