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Business Process: Inactivating an Item Category

It may be necessary to inactivate an Item Category so that it is no longer viewable when creating a requisition or purchase order.

Item Categories:

  • Items>Define Controls>Item Categories

      Item Categories

SetID: NAU00

Category: Enter the category that needs to be inactivated


      Category Definition

“+”: Choose to add and effective dated row

      Effective Date

Effective Date:  Enter the date this item category will no longer be effective.  Must be after the date of the previous row.

Status:  Select ‘Inactive’




      Updating a Catalog Tree



  • The PUR catalog is not viewable when creating a DPT requisition.
  • When creating a DPT requisition there is code built in the allow ordering over $5K if the item is in the Unrestricted catalog.
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