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PeopleSoft does not deliver IET type functionality similar to what was used in Advantage.  The most common practice at other institutions is to use some type of spreadsheet process through central accounting similar to the current IET spreadsheet workaround process.

New Online Departmental Journal Process:

The new online departmental journals will be done on custom NAU journal pages. The customization allows for greater control over security and workflow for departmental journals

The departmental journals will have one of two journal sources.  Journal Source IDT - “Internal Departmental Transfer” and IST -“Internal Service Center Transfer”.  Through user preferences, the Journal Source will default to IDT.  However, approved service center departments will have the option of changing the journal source to IST for service center revenue to expense transactions.  The main difference between the two journal sources is how the transactions route through workflow (see page 2 for the workflow diagram).

Key Processing Functions:

  1. Approvers can also be initiators.  If approvers are initiators, the documents will self approve at the department or project level. 
  2. Approvers for departments and projects are the same as those that are setup for Requisitions and Travel & Expense claims.
  3. If more than one approver is assigned to a department, only one approver is required to approve for that department.
  4. IDT workflow would limit the number of departments with multiple approvers to 10 departments.  As a result, if you are charging more than 10 departments on an IDT journal , it is recommended that you break up the journal into separate journals with less than 10 departments each.
  5. Journals must pass budget check before they can be submitted for approval. 
  6. Journals that pass budget check will post to the budget ledgers prior to approval.  If approval is denied, the budget checking will be reversed through a nightly re-edit process.
  7. For IDT journals, workflow approval is only required by the department or project manager for the debit side of the entry (i.e., positive number, charges to expense or revenue decrease).
  8. For IST journals, workflow approval is only required by the service center department manager as the charge is presumed to be pre-approved.
  9. Central approval by the Budget Office, Financial Accounting Services and or Post Award is required for certain transactions.
  10. Workflow approvals must be complete by month end close.  Journals approved for a closed month will reject as part of the nightly re-edit and post processes.  The accounting date cannot be changed for journals, so those journals would have to be copied to a new journal to be processed in an open month.

 Departmental Journal Workflow Diagram

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