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Business Process Creating a Travel Authorization

Creating a travel authorization completed by the traveler’s assigned proxy.  A travel authorization goes through approval processes based on the travelers HR Supervisor and department manager.

A travel authorization is optional and it is only required when a traveler requires a Cash Advance.

Create Travel Authorization:

Travel Expense Center, Create Travel Authorization
Create Travel Authorization
Figure: Create Travel Authorization

Quick Start: A creation method for your travel authorization.  A Blank Authorization is defaulted.
Description:  A description to identify the travel authorization.  This field is 32 characters in length.
Comment:  Additional information about the travel authorization.
Business Purpose:  Predefined business purposes are required to be selected from the drop down menu.
Default Location:  The location(s) of the traveler’s destination.
Date From and Date To:  The beginning and end dates of trip. 
Accounting Defaults:  The accounting default of traveler.
More Options:  A drop down menu of associated documents of the travel authorization.


Figure: Details

Expense Type:   A drop down menu of travel and non-travel expense types
Date:  Date when the transaction began or occurred.
Amount:    The estimated amount of out of pocket expense.  Expenses disable this field on this page if you selected the expense type Lodging or Mileage. You must click the *Detail link to go to the Authorization Detail for [expense type] page to enter a daily or nightly amount in conjunction with the number of days or nights. The system then displays the total amount of the expense transaction in the Amount field.
Currency:   This field is defaulted.  Not necessary to change. 
Payment Type:  This field is defaulted.  Not necessary to change.
Billing Type:   A drop down menu of travel and non-travel billing types.

Authorization Detail for Expense Type (*Details Lodging):

Authorization Detail for Lodging
Figure: Authorization Detail for Lodging

Authorization Detail for Expense Type (*Details Mileage):

Authorization Detail for Mileage
Figure: Authorization Detail for Mileage

Date:   Enter the beginning date for the expense type.
Payment Type:   This field is defaulted.  Not necessary to change.
Billing Type:   If a Billing Type is selected on the Details page.  It will be inferred.  If not, a drop down menu of travel and non-travel billing types.
Lodging - Number of Nights:   Enter number of nights.
Mileage – Miles:  Total reimbursable miles.
Location:  This field is defaulted.  Not necessary to change.
Description:  Whenselecting Expense Type “Lodging” enter Hotel name.  When selecting Expense Type Mileage enter departure and arrival destination.
Check For Errors Button:  Checks the expense transaction lines for missing or invalid information.  The Check For Errors button can be completed on the Details page or the Travel Authorization page.

A red flag will appear missing or invalid information was found.  You can save a travel authorization with missing or invalid information; however, you cannot submit a travel authorization for approval with missing or invalid information.

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