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Business Process: Creating a Purchase Order with no Requisition

It may be necessary to create a Purchase Order without copying in a requisition.

Add/Update POs

  • Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Add/Update POs

Add a New Value

Business Unit: NAUBU

PO ID: Use ‘NEXT’ for the system to automatically choose the next available PO ID after save or type in a unique PO ID, up to 10 characters in length.


Maintain Purchase Order

PO Date:  Defaults to current date.  It is only necessary to change the date during Fiscal year end processing.

Vendor:  Will populate after choosing the Vendor ID

Vendor ID:  Type the vendor ID is known, or use the magnifying glass lookup to search for an ID

Buyer:  Defaults to your Buyer ID.  Change if creating a PO on behalf of another buyer.

PO Reference:  Type a description of the PO, this is for reporting/searching purposes.

PO Defaults

PO Defaults:

Purchase Order Defaults

Ship To:  Select the correct ship to location for this PO.  Ship to designates where the order will be shipped and what tax rate is charged.

Due Date: Due date for the PO

Speedchart: Choose the speedchart for this PO to update the funding distribution for ALL lines (will update Fund, Dept, and Prog.  If a Grant of Capital Project it will also update PC Bus Unit, Project and Activity.)


Update Line:

Add Items From

Item Description: A complete description of the item being ordered. Include the vendor item number if known.  (This will be shown on the PO for the vendor.)

Quantity: Amount of item being ordered

Unit of Measure: Unit the item is measured by, such as EA (Each), BOX, DOZ (Dozen).

Category:  Fill in the appropriate ID of the item category.  If you need to find a category choose the magnifying glass next to the field.

Price: Price per unit

“+” or “-“: Use to add or delete a line


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