Budget Overview Inquiry - PS Financials

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  1. Using the Budget Overview inquiry Commitment Control> Budgets Overview search for departmental expense (see detailed instructions at: Budgets Overview Inquiry Documentation Final)

Budgets Overview

  1. Click Expense hyperlink from results page:

Budget Overview Results

  1. Select magnifying glass for individual journal:

magnifying glass

  1. Copy Journal line so you can paste it to journal inquiry page and make note of the journal line #, then click drill back icon:

 General Ledger Journal Line Drill Down

  1. If you haven’t performed a Journal Inquiry, you will need to add a new value.  Your search page should look similar to the one below, with the exception that you would paste in the Journal ID from the previous step:

 Journal Inquiry

  1. Search for Journal Line in step #4, then click Drill to Source:

 Journal Line

  1. Click Search:

 NAU Dept Accounting Entry

  1. Click detail tabs to view detail.  Currency Details contain Journal Line Description:

 Currency Details

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