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Business Process: Approving a Requisition

After a requisition is created and submitted it will be routed for approval.  When the approval request is first initiated an email will be sent to the Approvers email to notify them that approval is pending.  In order for the requisition to move on to the next approval step in the process, be budget checked or to be created into a Purchase Order (PO) approvals must be completed.

“Approval Requested” Email:

Approval Requested Email

Select the hyperlink at the bottom of the email.  The link will go to the PS Financials login page.  After logging it will automatically direct to the requisition that needs approval.


Requisition Approval:

Requisition Approval

The lines that require approval are highlighted in orange.

Line Information: To take action on a line, select checkbox next to line(s)

View Line Details:  Select to view more detailed information of the line such as funding information

Approve:  Select to approve the requisition line(s)

Deny:  Select to deny approve the requisition line(s)

Hold:  Select to hold approval for the requisition line(s)

Enter Approver Comments:  Comments a required for Denial or Hold.  Comments should explain what a Requester may need to change in order for the requisition line(s) to be approved.

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