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Business Process: Worklist

After an expense report, travel authorization, cash advance is created and submitted it will be routed for approval.  Travel and Expense documents that are pending approval can be viewed and selected for approval through the Worklist Approval screen.  In order for Travel and Expense documents to move onto the next approval step, the documents must be budget checked before approvals can be applied.


  • Worklist>Worklist


Worklist filters

From:  The Travel Specialist who created the travel and expense document.

Date From:  Displays the date when the work item was triggered.

Work Item/Worked By Activity:  Approval Routing.  Displays the action that was generated.

Priority:  No action required

Link:  Click the link to access the target page; you can view information about the travel and expense document.

General Information:

The fields on the Approve Expense Report Summary page displays the travelers name, report ID number, comments, accounting defaults and cash advance (s).

Applying cash advances

Accounting Defaults:  Accounting Defaults hyperlink will direct you to the accounting distribution summary for the travel and expense document.

Apply Cash Advance (s):  Apply Cash Advance hyperlink will direct you to the Apply Cash Advance summary applied to the expense report.

Expense Line Items:


The Expense Line Items section displays the expense types, reimburse amounts and exceptions regarding an expense type when applicable.

Expense type

Expense Type:  Expense type hyperlink, will direct you to view the details about the expense transaction line.

Exceptions buttonExceptions Button:  Exceptions button will direct you to view any comments regarding the expense type.

Expense Report Totals:

The Expense Report Totals section displays the travelers (employee) expenses, cash advances when applicable and amount due to traveler (employee).

Expense report totals

Pending Actions: 

The Pending Actions section displays the name of the approvers who need to review and approve the expense report.

Pending actions

Action History: 

The Action History section displays the name of the individual who submitted the expense document.


Action history


Comments are required when an expense report is sent back for revision.


Budget Status: 

Budget Checking is required before an expense report or travel authorization can be approved.  Budget checking is running every hour.  If the approve button is grayed out, you can select the Budget Options hyperlink.

Budget status

Budget Options:  Select the Budget Options hyperlink to access the Commitment Control page. 

Commitment Control: 

The Commitment Control page displays the commitment control details to budget check expense reports and authorizations.

Commitment control

Budget Check:  Select the budget check button to run the budget processor for this transaction.

  • Note:  If a pop up screen appears, select the ok button, in most cases this page is a Warning.
  • Select Ok
  • You will be directed to the Transactions Exceptions page
  • Select No

Pop up screen

Budget Status Valid: 

The commitment control page will indicate if the expense document is valid with the “i”icon.


  • Select Ok.

Budget Status Valid: 

After manual budget checking has been completed the expense report is ready for approval.  The approval button will display once budget checking has passed.

Ready for approval

Approve:  Selecting the approve button changes the status to Approved for Payment.  The expense repot is read for payment processing.

Send Back: Selecting the send back button changes the status to Pending.  If you send the expense report back to the travel specialist for correction or revision, you must also provide an explanation in the Comment field.

Hold:  Selecting the hold button puts the document on hold until you decide to move the expense document to approve or send back.

Deny:  It is recommended to not use Deny.  The system does not route denied expense nor does it allow the travel specialist to resubmit, you must provide an explanation in the comments field.

To approve VIA email:

Email Approval:

Select the hyperlink at the bottom of the email.  The link will go to the PS Financials login page.  After logging it will automatically direct you to the expense report, travel authorization or cash advance that needs approval.

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