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Business Process: Creating an Amount Only (Blanket) Requisition

Creating a requisition is done by Department Requestors to order goods and services.  A requisition goes through approval processes based on amount and items ordered.  Amount only orders are issued for a specified time period at an estimated total dollar amount to encumber funds and/or establish a purchasing arrangement with a vendor for a period of time, for orders of miscellaneous items or recurring orders of small value items.  After the requisition is approved it is sourced into a Purchase Order then sent to the appropriate vendor.

Create Requisition 

  • eProcurement>Create Requisition

 Define Requisition 

Accounting Date: Defaults to current date.  It is only necessary to change the date during Fiscal year end processing.

Origin: Defaults to DPT.  DPT is used for Departmental PO’s, this should be changed to PUR for any Purchases that require Purchasing Services Oversight.

Requisition Name:  Department you are ordering for and description of items being ordered. Example: CMP – 1st Quarter Office Sppl

Vendor: Fill in the appropriate ID of the vendor.  If you need to find a vendor choose the magnifying glass next to the field to search. (See below for instructions)


 Vendor Search 

Name: Type any portion of the vendor name to search


Vendor ID

Add Items & Services: 

  • eProcurement>Create Requisition (Add Items and Services)

 Add items and Services 

Special Request Tab

Special Item

 Add Items and Services 

Item Description: A complete description of the type of items that will be order.  (This will be shown on the PO for the vendor so be complete as possible.)

Price: Total amount of the requisition.  (If creating a Departmental PO the total order, including applicable taxes and freight charges, shall not exceed $5K See Purchasing Policy 304.05)

Quantity: 1

Unit of Measure: Unit the item is measured by, such as EA (Each), BOX, DOZ (Dozen).

Category:  Fill in the appropriate ID of the item category.  If you need to find a category choose the magnifying glass next to the field. (See below for instructions)

Vendor ID:  This should default from the vendor chosen on the “Define Requisition” page.  If not select per item line.

Additional Information:  Comments specific to this item can be made at this time.  Check the boxes below to determine at what stage in the process the comments will be shown: Vendor, Receipt or Voucher.  If no box is checked the comment is strictly informational and only shown on the Requisition.

 Look up Category 

Search by:  Choose “Description” from the drop down and type a portion of the description for the item category.




Select a catalog: Select the appropriate catalog from the drop down

Select the + folder

Select the Item Category


Review and Submit: 

  • eProcurement>Create Requisition (Review and Submit)

 Review and Submit 

Choose “Line Details” icon

Line Details 

Select the “Amount Only” Checkbox


 amount 8 


 Review and Submit 

Triangle: Expands the Line section

“+” or “-“ : Choose “+” to split funding distribution or “-“ to remove an accounting distribution line

SpeedChart:  Select a SpeedChart to change the accounting distribution

Comments:  Comments related to the entire requisition, such as delivery information should be added here. Check the boxes below to determine at what stage in the purchasing process the comments will be shown.

Find more items:  Choose to add additional items



A confirmation screen is show after submitting a requisition. 

Edit Requisition:  Choose to return to and edit the current requisition

Mange Requisition:  Choose to return to the Manage Requisition center

Create New Requisition:  Choose to create a new requisition

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