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Business Process: Changing or Adding Distributions on a Line

After a PO has been dispatched to the vendor is may be necessary for a Buyer to change the funding distribution on a PO line. 

Add/Update POs:

  • Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Add/Update POs

Purchase Order

Chose the “Find an Existing Value” tab

PO ID: Enter the ID of the PO to be changed


Note:  If the PO ID is not known, any of the fields can be used to narrow the search and the PO can be selected from the list.

Maintain Purchase Order

Select the “Schedule” Icon next to the line to be changed


Choose the “Distribution/Chartfields” Icon at the end of the line.

Distributions for Schedule 1

SpeedChart: Use the lookup to find the SpeedChart of the funding that is needed.

Account:  This comes from the item category on the line.  If a SpeedChart is used to change distribution it will blank this value out.  Take a note of this value so it can be re-added after using a SpeedChart.

Add Funding Distribution:

Distributions for Schedule 1

Select the “+”

Distributions for Schedule 1

Percent: If the split is based on percentage, change on each line to the correct percentage.

PO Qty: If the split is based on quantity, change on each to the correct quantity

Fund, Dept, Account, Program, PC Bus Unit, Project, Activity:  SpeedCharts will not work for additional funding line, so each chartfield must be update by entering the value or using the lookup.

select OK

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Additional Information:                                                    

If the PO has not yet been sent to the vendor, it is best to cancel the PO and have the requester change the distribution on the requisition.  This ensures that the pre-encumbrance is cleared correctly when the PO is created.

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