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Journal Details:

PeopleSoft Financial subsystem journals are summarized at the chartfield level (fund, department, project, program, account).  The subsystems journals (e.g. payroll, accounts payable, etc) contain additional accounting line detail that users can drill back to from the Budget Overview or “Local” Ledger inquiry screens, or if a transaction journal id and line number are known, directly through the General Ledger >Review Financial Information inquiry pages below:

  • Payroll Journals:  General Ledger >Review Financial Information>Payroll Accounting Entries
  • Student Financial Journals: General Ledger >Review Financial Information>Student Fin Accounting Entries

Departmental Interfaces (P-Card, E-Business, Staples, Post Office, Telecom, Campus Supply, Facilities): General Ledger >Review Financial Information>NAU Department Accntg Entries>NAU Department Entries Review.  A screenshot of how to use the Departmental Interface drill back page is shown below in step #5.

Drill-Back through the Budget Overview Inquiry Screen:

See details of Budget Overview inquiry process at:  Budgets Overview Inquiry Documentation Final

1. From your Budget Overview results page click on the expense link to review journal activity:

Budget Overview Results

2. The Budget Activity Log will show the documents that make up the expense total from the Budget Overview results page. With the Trans Line # (journal line) and Journal ID, you can go directly to step # 3 using the Journal Inquiry page, step #5 using the appropriate subsystem drill back pages, or simply click on the magnifying glass to step through the 3 pages below to get to the Journal Inquiry page:

Budget Activity Log

Journal ID Link

Go to Source Inquiry Link

3. Enter the Journal ID from the Activity Log page, select “Search”, and then click the Journal ID link.  Note: make sure your “Year” and “From and To Periods” contain the period the journal was posted in:

Journal Inquiry Criteria Search

4. Scroll through the accounting lines to find the accounting line (Tran Line) from the Activity Log in step #2, or search for the accounting line using the From/to search boxes, then click “Query Journal Lines”.  Click on the “Drill to Source” link to view detail:

Query Journal Lines to Add

5. The “Drill to Source” link will take you to one of the appropriate subsystem drill back page referenced at the top of this document.  Below is the “Advanced Search” drill-back page for the departmental interfaces.  If you are navigating to this page directly, you will need to click the “Advanced Search” link as the page defaults to the basic search, then enter the Journal ID and Journal Line Number:

Dept Accounting Entry Search

6. View additional subsystem detail by clicking on the different detail tabs or select the expand and view all detail tabs:

Expand Tabs Button

Drill-Back Through the “Local” Ledger Inquiry Screen:

Users can search on the “Local” (or actual revenue/expense) through the General Ledger > Review Financial Information > Ledger inquiry.  Below is an example of a search on Scholarship Expense for a particular department. 

1. Enter search criteria on Ledger Inquiry criteria page:

Ledger Inquiry

Fiscal Year – Required Field

From and To Period – Select range of periods or single from and to period

Show YTD Balance – click this checkbox to include a YTD column (you must select a range of periods to use this functionality).

Chartfield Selection – select single chartfield value or use % wildcard.  Select Chartfield Value Set for predefined set of values (e.g., Expense only for Account chartfield).

Sum By – Select fields to include in inquiry results.

2. Click the Activity link to see Journal level details:

Ledger Summary Page

3. Click the Journal ID link to drill to source (in this case the Student Financial accounting line detail:

Journal ID Location

4. Click “Drill to Source” link:

Drill Source Link

5. Click different detail tables to view accounting line detail: 

accounting line

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