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Business Process: PO Budget Check

After a Purchase Order has been approved it must be budget checked before it can be dispatched to the vendor.

Budget Check:

  • Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Budget Check
PO Budget Check Request Add Button

Run Control ID: UserID and a short description of the process.  Use “_” instead of spaces.

Note:  A new value only needs to be added the first time the process is run.  The run control ID can be found by searching on the “Find an Existing Value” tab.  All run control parameters will be saved under the run control ID used.

Budget Check Page

Process Frequency: Always

Description: Purchase Order Budget Check

Buyer ID: Value

Buyer: Select Buyer ID

Process Scheduler Request Page

Server Name: PSUNX

Budget Check Report Manager Link

Administration Tab

Note: Click Refresh every few minutes, if the Status does not say Posted.  Clicking Refresh quickly, multiple times in a row will make the process run slower. 


Additional Information:                                                     

Choosing the “Details” link after the process has Posted will give the Run Status of Success, Warning or Error.  You may also choose the “Message Log” link from the Details page to view to details of the process.


A requisition has been created, approved, budget checked and has been sourced to a Purchase Order.

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